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Eggless Dessert Cafe

Okay, sorry for the lateness of this write up….it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Eggless. How such a simple word can bring oh so much pleasure. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but this is how excited I get when going to a dessert café.
After my three month overseas trip, I arrived back in Adelaide at the end of September, only three days left to sample Eggless’s September menu.

Arriving thirty minutes after opening on the Sunday night, I prepared to wait outside for a table, thankfully I was seated right away – several minutes later my good friend arrived ready for some deliciousness!

Having perused their online menu, I knew what I wanted before I arrived. I started with a Chocolate, Banana & Peanut Butter Toasted sandwich.

Man this tasted good; the sandwich was thick and not too sweet with an amazing chocolaty gooey texture. While it was not the prettiest dessert, the eggless team ensured it looked as presentable as possible.

I also ordered the Zucchini Cake, with almond, orange, white chocolate ganache and red berry sorbet.

Again, not the most attractive dessert, but it did taste extremely delicious. The combination of favours gave it a very nutty texture and the white chocolate providing adequate sweetness. Thankfully it was quite light, as the toasted sandwich was quite filling.

The Chocolate & Avocado mousse looked really pretty.

While I’m not normally a fan of avocado, this dessert was definitely an exception. Very light in texture the avocado gave it an amazing creamy texture that wasn’t overbearing.

The service, without question was superb. Even when the café is at full capacity, the staff always keep their upbeat, friendly attitude intact. Finishing the night with a pot of green tea, our visit to Eggless was ending.

If you’re after a fun, unique dessert experience in Adelaide, Eggless is a must. The menu changes monthly to keep regulars coming back (aka me!) See you next month Eggless!

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