Grind It

This is what happens when you live on the other side of town. Being an Adelaide Hills resident, a visit to the seaside suburb of Glenelg doesn’t occur too often. Until now.


Grind it, is located on a side street just off Glenelg’s Jetty Road & unless you were looking for it, it’s quite easy to miss the modest shop-front. Inside it’s a different story.

It was a cool Wednesday morning when my partner and I decided to spoil ourselves with some weekday brunch. I walked pass the café the day before to have a quick peruse of the menu – we were in for quite a treat. The (all day) breakfast menu is enormous, not to mention a fantastic beverage selection, which includes freshly squeezed juices – WIN.

Apple & Pineapple juice.

Apple & Pineapple juice.

While the interior isn’t massive, the owners have definitely utilised the space effectively. There are booth’s running along one side of the café, while the centre houses two long wooden benches with highchairs either side – very cool. At times I did feel a little cosy, but the atmosphere and the general buzz of the café made it an entertaining place to sit. Hopefully next time there’ll be a free booth!

The service was great, even when all the staffs were clearly under the pump; they ensured that every customer was taken care of. With little gestures like table service, and offering a bottle of water as we sat down – we felt well accommodated.

On to the food, I opted for the French toast.

French toast.

French toast.

WOW! Two thick cuts of delicious toast sitting on a bed of chopped pear, mascarpone with almonds and honey. The dish was DOWNRIGHT LIP-SMACKING. The combination of the fried toast with the sweetness of the pear, honey and cream… was certainly a pleasurable morning indulgence.

Jaicen chose “The Big Grind.”

"The Big Grind"

“The Big Grind”

Its fair to say it looked utterly mouthwatering. The lad definitely enjoyed it, although, wasn’t able to finish it as it was certainly a filling serving. He said it was cooked perfectly – one happy lad!

There you have it people – Grind it should unquestionably be on anyones cafe’s to visit in Adelaide. Featuring a broad breakfast & lunch menu, welcoming staff, and most importantly – delicious food, its worth the trip down to the bay.

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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