San Churro – Adelaide

Dessert lovers, get excited…we have a new kid on the block. Welcome to Adelaide San Churro!

DSC_0755 In the prime location of Adelaide’s bustling Rundle Street, San Churro has some steep competition in Adelaide – in a city where the dessert café culture is fuelled with variety and sugar craving patrons (like myself), its always fun when we have somewhere new to try.

It’s a warm Tuesday evening and at 7.30pm this place is BOOMING. The interior is roomy and the charming Spanish theme is consistent throughout the café. I feel it lacks the romantic feel of other dessert cafes in Adelaide…which isn’t necessarily a problem, but I fancy dessert café’s that have more of an intimate feel.

Now, be warned – the menu. Unless you have an enormous appetite…it may take several visits to get through their range of sweet treats. Some of the options include – Churros, sundaes, taste platters….and ample amounts of drinks.

Dining with my fellow food blogger friend Emma of More Than Churches, we decided that the churros plate for two was necessary…It is their specialty after all.

DSC_0764Now, I confess….I’m not a churros expert (far from it in fact) ….but I know what I enjoy eating . I found the churros quite crispy & crunchy and somewhat bland. Seasoned with cinnamon & accompanied with caramel and dark chocolate dipping sauce – The caramel deliciously thick, and the dark chocolate quite light in texture – both flavoursome in taste. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t order them again if I returned.

DSC_0766The drinks on the other hand were outstanding. Emma opted for their ‘Frozen Hot Chocolate’ while I couldn’t pass on their Peanut Butter shake.


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Emma’s drink arrived first and WOW…it certainly isn’t a drink for the faint hearted. It seemed physically larger than your average hot chocolate…thankfully it delivered on both taste and texture. Smooth, rich and extremely luxurious – almost like drinking chocolate custard. A must for any hot (or cold) chocolate lover.


Peanut Butter Shake

Shortly after my Peanut Butter shake arrived. OH MY…every mouthful was like a heavenly moment of peanutty pleasure. Tremendously addictive and moreish…the peanut butter flavour was spot on without being overbearing. No doubt, worth coming back for.

Despite the café being extremely busy, the service was faultless and the staff were very approachable and always had a smile.

So there you have it…..Adelaide’s first San Churro didn’t impress as effortlessly as other dessert café’s in Adelaide, but with a exciting menu, prime location and an addictive peanut butter shake – I’m sure I’ll be returning to try more of their offerings.

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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