Chocolate @ No. 5

Chocolate, my sweet friend…..we meet again.

We’re quite lucky in Adelaide…..with the vast array of dessert café’s featuring a range of unique dessert’s, its nice to know chocolate lovers are well looked after.


Chocolate @ No. 5 is located in the main street in Hahndorf in an adorable cottage. Wooden floors & stone walls…..the interior is quite charming. I didn’t find the main dining room huge (might have something to do with my 6’2 height), but it’s comfortable – great for a sweet treat with friends or loved ones.


Perusing the menu, I ordered their waffles and a hot chocolate. I found the menu to be more traditional than other dessert café’s in the city, offering desserts like sundae’s and cakes.


The waffles were marvellous – crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside – the ice cream, sauce, and sliced banana working in perfect unity. A MUST for any waffle lover!


Moving onto the hot chocolate – every sip was like a blissful moment of happiness. Rich and moreish, with a velvety chocolate taste….it was simply splendid.

While it did take a short while for the hot chocolate to arrive – I thought the service was very welcoming. The staff always had a smile on their face and a friendly attitude. The waffles I ordered didn’t usually come with sliced banana – but they were happy to add them to the order – its simple gestures like that that (for me) make a positive difference.


Ending with a delicious pot of premium green tea, my visit was ending. Chocolate @ no. 5 sincerely impressed me, and I’m a man who takes his desserts very seriously. I’ve been to countless dessert cafes in Adelaide and its nice to know the Adelaide Hills are well looked after.

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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