The Stranded Store

The Stranded Store in Adelaide’s Southern suburbs was celebrating its first birthday on this picturesque Saturday morning.

The café is quite small…make a reservation or beware! I didn’t like the entrance of the store….very confined, especially on this eventful Saturday morning. The dining room, however, is delightfully spacious.

Rustic floorboards, large windows and folding doors opening onto the footpath giving it a very calming feel. We were unfortunately seated in the middle of the room next to the main entrance, resulting in copious amounts of foot traffic and echoing conversations. Oh dear, my first world problem’s and me!

Bircher Muesli

The Bircher Muesli was outstanding. Fresh apple, strawberries, hazelnuts and chia seeds… blended oh so deliciously. The texture was crunchy and the combinations of the oats, seeds and fruit gave it a very wholesome flavour. One of the more creative Bircher’s I’ve had in Adelaide, no doubt.

Sourdough Fruit Toast.

My friend ordered the Sourdough fruit toast, she’d already eaten and wanted something lighter. It was a definite low point in my opinion – the toast too light, and not enough sweetness. It was slightly overcooked resulting in the texture being too crunchy, adding to its already bland taste.


Green tea.

Finishing off with a couple of lattes and a green tea (both of which were excellent), the store was still very busy now that the lunchtime rush was picking up the pace. It can get very busy inside the store, but if your surround yourself with great company and delicious food….its the type of place where time seems so utterly irrelevant… if you were sitting in a small café on a European holiday.

The staff, no doubt, are a real asset to the Stranded Store’s success. Friendly, efficient and know the menu well. One hiccup however – they forgot my green tea after we finished eating, fortunately I wasn’t in any rush but might be a problem for weekday workers on a tight schedule.

Only a year old, this suburban café has plenty going for it. Undisturbed suburban location, friendly staff and a varied breakfast menu make The Stranded Store worth a try. It’s not without it’s flaws, perhaps try it for yourself……I’d love to hear your opinion!

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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