Chianti Classico

Monday morning breakfast with my best friend from Melbourne. Chianti Classico on Hutt Street has always been on my list of places for breakfast….and since it was a special occasion (milking my birthday for all its worth!), this sophisticated Italian restaurant fit perfectly.

The interior is tasteful and stylish and we were kindly greeted by the (very well dressed) staff. Seated at the quieter end of the dining room just behind a stonewall, it was lovely having our own space without feeling crowded or having to raise our voices.

While I did find the service a little sluggish at times, the waiters were well trained and professional without making us feel uncomfortable.

Their breakfast menu is definitely a joy to peruse through. With a great variety of sweet and savory items….I was having particular trouble deciding on just one item – curse my indecisiveness!!

The waiter arrived and I went with my gut decision – French crepes….with custard and berries…..mmmmm – sugar addict!


The crepes were cooked to perfection. The edges were slightly crispy, the center beautifully moist, creamy and extremely flavorsome. Anyone other than myself may find it too sweet, especially so early in the morning….myself? On cloud nine.

Mushroomy goodness

Steph chose the Mushrooms with toast, rocket and parmesan – it looked like a picture of health.

The owner was lovely and attentive. She made you feel a part of the family, like a mother welcoming her son home.

Apple Juice

Tempting me with a range of fruit juices….I couldn’t help ordering their apple juice. It was pleasantly thirst quenching on this warm spring morning.

Keep in mind, if your planning on dining for longer than an hour….prepare for a bit of a walk!

Chianti is one of the most blissful breakfasts in Adelaide, no doubt. The prices are expensive for a breakfast meal, but the quality of the food certainly makes it a rare breakfast treat that I would happily pay again. The interior is homely yet refined with an ambience that exuded sophistication. Thankfully, Steph and I weren’t in a rush, but the service was sluggish at times – which may upset business diners on a tight schedule.

Green tea….

If you’re an Adelaideian breakfast lover, Chianti is absolutely worth a try. I don’t know many who would visit regularly, but for a special occasion, highly recommended.

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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