Suree’s Thai Kitchen

Weeknight catchups with two close friends…..such bliss! Surees Thai Kitchen on Unley Road seemed like a great choice.

We dined on a Wednesday night, and understandably, the restaurant was fairly quiet (don’t be fooled, on Friday & Saturday nights this place is packed). The restaurant has a cosy, authentic atmosphere about it.

We decided to share entrees and have our own mains….haha I can be such a grub some times, I wanted the Pad Thai all to myself! The menu is fantastic….definitely your traditional Thai fare with everything from grilled duck to Masaman curry.

Beef Satay

Starting with a serve of their beef satay in a rich peanut sauce was a terrific opener. The beef was tender and juicy and the peanut sauce was deliciously thick and flavorsome. Definitely a winning combination.

Toon Tong

We also ordered their Toon Tong dish that I can also highly recommend. Presented were four dumplings with chicken, prawns, corn, onions, and chestnuts. The outside was fantastically crisp, while the inside was hot and appetising. Quite simple, the ingredients worked wonderfully together.

The service was definitely a standout. Our waiter(s) were apparent without being obtrusive, and we never felt rushed during any part of the night.

Cashew Chicken

Moving onto the mains, T instantly claimed the Cashew Chicken, and Kat (who understandably was having a little trouble choosing a main) opted for their Roast Duck.

Roast Duck

I purposefully chose the Pad Thai, as I wanted to compare it to other Pad Thai’s I had the week before.

Pad Thai

Surees’s are superb. The noodles were fresh and adding the lemon juice gave it a delicious sweetness. The prawns, chicken, and tofu were perfectly cooked and the portion size was substantial. Very addictive indeed!

By the time we finished our mains with the addition of a large serving of steamed rice…I could thankfully say we were satisfied.

Suree’s Thai Kitchen has always been a quiet achiever for me. I’ve dined here several times over the years and have always had a fantastic time. Suburban dining at its delicious best!

Give Suree’s a try and let me know what you think!

Until next time, happy noms 🙂

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