Thailand Thai

Thailand Thai is of those places I’ve passed a million times, always saying I’ll book there soon. Months pass, other reservations are made, and somehow this small Thai restaurant always seemed to slip through the cracks, until now.

Thursday night dinner with my brother, Thai seemed like a good choice, as I know he has a certain fondness for a Thai curry. We decided on Thailand Thai as I’ve heard good things about it and didn’t want the hassle of driving into the city.

Tucked away on a side street off King William road in trendy Hyde Park, this relatively unassuming restaurant is easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it. The dining area is long and skinny, tastefully decorated by Thai style artwork and welcomed with a warm smile from the waiter. Despite the small dining room, the tables are a good size and I definitely didn’t feel cramped.

Starting with an entrée each, I started with the Spring Rolls.

Crisp and flavoursome, the vegetables blended wonderfully with the side of sweet chilli sauce. Simple and appealing.

Lachy chose the Tom Yum Gai (chicken soup with lemongrass, lime and mushrooms) that looked relatively uninteresting at first glance. Sampling some, I found it rather delicious. Sweet and sour, the chicken was an interesting combination with the herbs and mushrooms. Lachy devoured it in record time, fair enough to say he enjoyed it!

Moving on to the mains, I couldn’t look past their Pad Thai.

Everything blended flawlessly. The chicken & prawns were cooked to perfection and the bean curd soaked the tamarind sauce nicely. The tamarind sauce was fantastic giving it a beautifully mild taste that worked wonderfully with the bean curd and rice noodles. Generous serving size, I finished the meal feeling very satisfied.

Lachy ordered the Massaman Curry (steak with potatoes & peanuts), which (not being a fan of curry) I didn’t try. My brother wasn’t big on the commentary, initially saying it was a little mild for his liking. He did finished the bowl, with nothing more than a smile and saying it was delicious. Fair enough Lachy!

By the time we finished our mains two other parties entered the restaurant. While the service was fine from the young waiter for most of the night, it did noticeably slow down once the restaurant got busy. Not the waiters fault, as he was trying his best to make sure all tables were looked after.

So there you have it, despite a few hiccups, Thailand Thai proved to be quite the hidden gem. It may have lacked the atmosphere of more popular Thai restaurants in Adelaide, but this place really deserves a good consideration. The food is undeniably the star attraction, and although the prices are fairly average, you certainly get high quality food.

Until next time, happy noms!
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