Au Matin Calme

Upon entering Au Matin Calme you immediately get the feeling that your taste buds are in for a real treat. I mean, look at this display……how can you not be impressed by the array of deliciousness that is screaming to be eaten. That’s normal isn’t it….food CAN talk, right?

Being the organised booking nazi I am, called earlier in the morning and made a reservation for two at 10am. As it turns out, it wasn’t needed as there were several tables available when we arrived.

The dining area upstairs is peaceful, and deceptively spacious. Color combinations of sky blue and light yellow gave it a soothing ambiance as if one were dining in a quaint Parisian café.

No table service unfortunately….all orders are taken and the counter as you enter the café. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when both Kat and I went down to order our table was taken #firstworldproblem (thankfully there were still tables available).

The menu isn’t massive, but it is typically French. Croissants, quiches, omelets, and French toast are well represented. In addition, a mouthwatering showcase of cakes, tarts, and sandwiches are all on display.

After much deliberation, I opted for the French toast with a side of yoghurt and strawberries.

The French toast was cooked perfectly; Buttery, and so fluffy, it literally melted in my mouth. The yoghurt was nowhere near as exciting as it was rather mild….thankfully the strawberries gave it a nice sweetness.

Kat’s cheese & vegetable omelet certainly wasn’t the most visually pleasing dish, but the smell of it was enticing. Allowing me to try some, and like the French toast, it was delicious. Kat especially enjoyed it, leaving the plate empty.

Moving onto dessert, I chose the ‘Trio’ Cake, a slice of dark, milk, and white chocolate sponge and a hot dark chocolate with hazelnut.

The Trio cake was lovely. Light, chocolaty and very fresh. The combination of the three flavours gave it a nice balance that was truly addictive.

The hot chocolate was one of the best I’ve had in Adelaide. Made from melted dark chocolate, it was so smooth and creamy; I wish I had a bigger mug! Hazelnut was the perfect combination giving it another dimension of flavour that complimented the dark chocolate superbly.

I forget the proper name, but Kats Orange cake looked equally impressive. Insisting I try it, it was reasonably light and refreshing, with a slight bitterness that was expected. Again, Kat thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving nothing but a few tiny crumbs.

Completing the meal with a green tea, served in this adorable mug with cute little spoon holder.

If I were to give any criticism, the staff perhaps needed to smile a little more. I understand it was a busy Saturday morning, but it would still be appreciated. Some of the waiters were delightful though – luck of the draw really!

Overall, Au Matin Calme was a lovely experience that definitely lived up to my high expectations. The food was a standout and the ambiance was rather idyllic, and despite how busy the café was, never felt rushed.

Until next time, happy noms Adelaide!

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