DSC_0099 August 27

Patch – Melbourne eats.

Interesting fact about The Smiling Foodie – when I’m not wearing my restaurant reviewing hat (yes, hats are cool), healthy living is a fairly significant part of my life. I’m talking clean eating and a frequent gym goer – so when paleo-inspired cafe’s like Patch open, I get pretty damn excited! What’s paleo you ask? The […]

DSC_0993 August 20

Namaste Nepalese Restaurant – Adelaide eats

Having lived in the Unley area for a good portion of my life (i.e. my childhood), driving down Duthy Street (and continuing onto George Street) pretty much becomes a mundane element of one’s daily routine. Throughout my many years of collecting the kilometres, I’ve probably driven past Namaste Nepalese Restaurant countless times and never even realised […]

DSC_0913 August 13

A Mothers Milk – Adelaide eats

Sunday, the day of rest BRUNCH!! Oh hai A Mothers Milk (yeah, can’t say I’m a fan of the name), it’s lovely to see you again. Arriving to a flurry of ravenous patrons, we were seated after a short wait – not too shabby. Brunch lovers take note – the cafe offers single origin coffee […]

DSC_0541 August 07

Back to Wasai – Adelaide eats.

Right, I’m just going to say it…..Wasai is the pièce de résistance for Japanese dining in Adelaide. Hands down. It’s a saturday night when the housemate and I decide to spoil ourselves in some Japanese deliciousness. Arriving for an early dinner at 6pm the restaurant is already half full (also, make sure you book ahead). […]

DSC_0450 July 30

Cowbell 808 – Sydney eats.

Carrying on from a previous post, my final day on a weekend in Sydney started out with…..yep…you guessed it….BRUNCH – yay! Strolling through Bourke Street in Surry Hills, the glorious morning sun gleaming through the trees, we approached a charming little cafe – Cowbell 808. Marc, having visited several times before, recommended we give it […]

DSC_0519 July 24

Back to Bar 9 – Mushroom Mania 2014!

Yay….welcome to the month of July, also known as – Mushroom Mania! Entering Bar 9 on a cold Saturday morning, Tash (of Playing House) and I were quickly shown to a table. Now, for those of you playing at home – Bar 9 is one of the best brunching cafe’s in Adelaide – boasting premium […]

DSC_0484 July 17

Indian Temptations – Adelaide eats.

It’s a freezing Friday night, and we’re mourning the passing of another working week the best way foodies know how……EATING!! Indian Temptations has been around for a number of years…..attracting Adelaide crowds from both far and wide. The food is exceptionally good – well worth the road trip out North! Dining with fellow food bloggers […]


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