DSC_0014 January 28

Fonda Mexican – Melbourne eats.

Holy crap. This is my first dinner review in almost five months! Uhhhhh….awkies. Phhht….whatever, my blog, my rules. So yeah, welcome to this weeks review – Fonda’s newest Mexican eatery, located in Hawthorn. Dining with a childhood friend (and her hubby) for dinner on Friday night, the restaurant was booming. We took comfort in a […]

DSC_0005 January 21

Back to Pillar of Salt – Melbourne eats.

So yeah, last Sunday, I was in one of those moods. Not a bad mood or anything, I was just feeling profoundly lazy. I was having a low key weekend, giving my introvert side a bit of a chance to shine. Be that as it may, I was in the mood for brunch – solo (c’mon […]

DSC_0001 January 15

Operator 25 – Melbourne eats.

Well, well, well…..look at this, I’m actually trying something new. Actually, its not that different to any other weekend….just the location – Melbourne’s CBD (compared to my usual neighbourhood brunch scene). GASP. Brunching with a good friend visiting from Adelaide for the weekend, we opted for Operator 25 – you know, for convenience purposes (she was […]

DSC_0152 January 07

Dead Man Espresso – Melbourne eats.

So I’ve been in Melbourne for almost two months now, and I’ve grown fond of certain suburbs – South Melbourne is one of them. Boasting a convenient city fringe location, the markets, and of course, some great eateries. Welcome to Dead Man Espresso. Brunching with a friend on a Sunday morning, Simon arrived early to […]

DSC_0031 December 30

Green Cup – Melbourne eats.

Hey guys, happy holidays! Hope you all had a terrific Christmas break! So, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving up Chapel Street in South Yarra (you know, swagger aplenty – windows down, Spice Girls pumping through the speakers) when I noticed this small cafe named Green Cup. As I didn’t get a good […]

DSC_0021 December 24

LBSS (Little Big Sugar Salt) – Melbourne eats.

Merry Christmas guys! No doubt, this is one of my favourite times of the year. Holidays, warm weather, and spending time with loved ones – its nice to appreciate the simple things in life. So yeah, as I was saying….holidays, I love you – goodbye alarm clock, and any sense of what day it is……oh and […]

DSC_0019 December 17

II Fornaio – Melbourne eats.

As a food blogger, I learned a valuable lesson on the weekend – while its nice to enjoy a meal out there are just some dishes that simply taste better at home. What do I mean by this? Porridge. Yeah, I know its unimaginative, but I’m a man that loves his porridge. Like seriously. I’ll […]


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