DSC_1023 November 19

Green Press – Melbourne eats.

Okay….so I’ve been a Melbourne resident for just under two weeks now, and I’m loving the hidden gems tucked away in the city. Green Press has been on my wishlist since I started following their social media escapades when I was living in Adelaide. I actually have no idea why? I mean, why do this […]

DSC_0955 November 12

Sardi – Melbourne eats.

What’s this? It’s my first review as a Melbournian! SWEET. So, after a couple of days of dealing with the EMOTIONAL TRAUMA (ha!) thats a given when transporting one’s life to another city, Sunday brunch at Hawthorns Sardi cafe was UTTERLY REQUIRED. You know, because brunch is pretty much  a form of therapy. Conventionally located on […]

DSC_0897 November 05

The Market Shed on Holland – Adelaide eats.

On Sundays, we go to the market. Welcome to The Market Shed on Holland in Adelaide’s CBD. Sunday brunch with Berny from I Only Eat Desserts, we set our sights on The Market Shed – on Holland….DUH. With a significant importance on local, organic produce, and stalls offering some fairly enticing brunch/lunch options, its a marvellous way […]

DSC_0660 October 29

Nutrition Republic – Adelaide eats.

Okay, so it no secret that I’m an advocate for clean eating. Take the word ‘alkalise’ for example – I LOVE IT….just rolls off the tongue. Nutrition Republic opened its King William Road doors late 2012, quickly gathering a loyal following – with good reason. A cafe/retail store entirely designed around healthy, delicious food and […]

DSC_0516 October 22

A Hereford Beefstouw. An invitation to Sunday lunch.

Please note - This is a sponsored review as I was invited to dine for free as a guest. Sometimes in life (heck, especially as a uni student) it’s nice to enjoy some of the finer things in life. It’s a warm Sunday, when I was invited by my friend and fellow food blogger – Jane […]

DSC_0151 October 15

L’Atelier Gourmand – Adelaide eats.

Okay, I confess……I may have slipped as a food blogger. Umm..WHAT? L’Atelier Gourmand has been open since early 2013, and as it turns out, this one slipped slightly under my radar. OH THE SHAME! Saturday brunch with me, myself and I (yes, I’m a loser with no friends), I arrived at the cafe after some […]

DSC_1033 October 08

Back to The Stranded Store – Adelaide eats.

Have you noticed? Yes, I’m a man of habit. I’m the type of foodie that certainly has ‘favourites’ – favourite cafe’s, favourite restaurants….heck even favourite ‘porridge’ places. So, naturally, I’m not immune to returning to places I’m fond of. Welcome back to The Stranded Store. “Winner of the best cafe 2013 in The Advertiser Food Awards”, […]


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