DSC_0019 December 17

II Fornaio – Melbourne eats.

As a food blogger, I learned a valuable lesson on the weekend – while its nice to enjoy a meal out there are just some dishes that simply taste better at home. What do I mean by this? Porridge. Yeah, I know its unimaginative, but I’m a man that loves his porridge. Like seriously. I’ll […]

DSC_0025 December 10

Drugstore Espresso – Melbourne eats.

So I’ve been living in Melbourne for a bit over a month now, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed this cafe on Toorak Road named Drugstore Espresso. HA, what a memorable name! My good friend Tammi of Insatiable Munchies was here during November for Good Food Month, and this past weekend was a […]

DSC_0063 December 03

Touchwood – Melbourne eats.

Ah yes, my love affair with Melbourne’s brunching scene continues. It’s one of the things I adore about the city, SAH MANY BRUNCH OPTIONS. Because of that trusty old grapevine – my weekend catchup with a friend brought us to Touchwood in Richmond. Of course me being me, I’m early – not necessarily a bad […]

DSC_0022 November 26

Fifty Acres – Melbourne eats.

Ah yes, gotta love it when a friend messages you late Friday night asking if I’d like to do brunch the following day. Not even kidding, actually THE BEST. Duh, of course I said yes! Don’t ask me how or why, but I heard (through the grapevine perhaps?) about this new cafe on Bridge Road […]

DSC_1023 November 19

Green Press – Melbourne eats.

Okay….so I’ve been a Melbourne resident for just under two weeks now, and I’m loving the hidden gems tucked away in the city. Green Press has been on my wishlist since I started following their social media escapades when I was living in Adelaide. I actually have no idea why? I mean, why do this […]

DSC_0955 November 12

Sardi – Melbourne eats.

What’s this? It’s my first review as a Melbournian! SWEET. So, after a couple of days of dealing with the EMOTIONAL TRAUMA (ha!) thats a given when transporting one’s life to another city, Sunday brunch at Hawthorns Sardi cafe was UTTERLY REQUIRED. You know, because brunch is pretty much  a form of therapy. Conventionally located on […]

DSC_0897 November 05

The Market Shed on Holland – Adelaide eats.

On Sundays, we go to the market. Welcome to The Market Shed on Holland in Adelaide’s CBD. Sunday brunch with Berny from I Only Eat Desserts, we set our sights on The Market Shed – on Holland….DUH. With a significant importance on local, organic produce, and stalls offering some fairly enticing brunch/lunch options, its a marvellous way […]


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