DSC_0345 February 26

Fifteen Pounds – Melbourne eats.

In an act of pure spontaneity, I found myself brunching with two friends at Fifteen Pounds. Totes not complaining. Quietly located on Railway Place in Fairfield, it’s got that lovely suburban feeling, with convenient parking. All the things you want on a Sunday morning. The cafe’s interior is deceptively spacious, with an expanding dining area […]

DSC_0109 February 19

Barry coffee and food – Melbourne eats.

Continuing from last weeks post, my weekday brunch outings are steadily gaining momentum. Simply put, there’s just something cheeky about brunching during the week. Kinda like, PHHHHT conformity? Forget dat!! So yeah, this weeks outing brings us to Barry coffee and food in Northcote. Dining with a childhood friend from Adelaide, it’s been on my wishlist […]

DSC_0112 February 11

Giddiup – Melbourne eats.

Ahhhh yes, sweet, glorious, alone time. I love it – especially when combined with brunch. Giddiup in South Melbourne has been on my radar for some time, after visiting a few times for coffee (lol I say coffee, by which I mean peppermint tea – yeah I’m BADASS). Anyway, it was time to test their […]

DSC_0003 February 04

St Ali – Melbourne eats.

Theres a lot to be said for Melbourne’s brunching scene, as the sheer diversity of cafes never ceases to amaze me. This weeks review brings us to St Ali, in South Melbourne. Catching up with a friend on a drizzly Sunday morning, expectedly, the cafe was booming. This is my second time visiting, and the cafe’s […]

DSC_0014 January 28

Fonda Mexican – Melbourne eats.

Holy crap. This is my first dinner review in almost five months! Uhhhhh….awkies. Phhht….whatever, my blog, my rules. So yeah, welcome to this weeks review – Fonda’s newest Mexican eatery, located in Hawthorn. Dining with a childhood friend (and her hubby) for dinner on Friday night, the restaurant was booming. We took comfort in a […]

DSC_0005 January 21

Back to Pillar of Salt – Melbourne eats.

So yeah, last Sunday, I was in one of those moods. Not a bad mood or anything, I was just feeling profoundly lazy. I was having a low key weekend, giving my introvert side a bit of a chance to shine. Be that as it may, I was in the mood for brunch – solo (c’mon […]

DSC_0001 January 15

Operator 25 – Melbourne eats.

Well, well, well…..look at this, I’m actually trying something new. Actually, its not that different to any other weekend….just the location – Melbourne’s CBD (compared to my usual neighbourhood brunch scene). GASP. Brunching with a good friend visiting from Adelaide for the weekend, we opted for Operator 25 – you know, for convenience purposes (she was […]


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